October 2022

Road tax

Road tax is paid by natural persons or legal entities, registered in the registration document as the owner or operator of the vehicle, or he/she uses the vehicle where owner has died or is deregistered from the road vehicles registry. Road tax also applies to employers, if they cover the travel expenses of their employees for using his/her own car, a person who uses a registered vehicle, and place of business. Tax returns must be submitted by 31st of January of the calendar year after the tax period.

January 2022

Monday 31.1.

  • Tax return and tax payment for year 2015

April 2022

Monday 18.4.

  • Advance payment for 1. quarter 2017.

July 2022

Sunday 17.7.

  • Advance payment for 2. quarter 2016.

October 2022

Sunday 16.10.

  • Advance payment for 3. quarter.

December 2022

Thursday 15.12.

  • Tax advance for October and November 2017