June 2024

Accounting and tax consulting

Small businessmen

Natural persons who are running business mainly in services, trade and health service

Tax accountning (formerly single entry accountning) in the classification necessary to determine income tax base, elaboration of value added tax return including the prescribed (specified) records, wages administration. Declaration for income tax of natural persons, reporting for the Czech Social Security Administration and health insurance companies.

Small and medium business

Running a business mainly in trade and services.

Book-keeping including yearly book closing, eventually preparation of data for audits, processing of wages administration and all tax returns necessary.

Subsidiary company of outlandish companies

Especially those, who are beginning their business on czech market and have no clear payback in founding an own economical and accounting department.

External book-keeping, wages administration and processing of all tax returns necessary, preparation of corporate statements (returns) according to IFRS/IAS for the home company including its presentation to a fixed monthly or yearly date, preparation of data for audit.

All companies and self-employd natural persons

Tax and accountning counselling and consulting (especially by e-mail and consequent written confirmation), tax consulting with personal meeting and elaboration of written statement. Processing of income tax return on grounds of accounting records given by the client, tax base optimization, methodical help with tax and accountning problems.