June 2024

Price overview

Our fees are being set individually according to the amount and difficulty of processed documents, also the potential risk is taken into consideration. The fee for a book-keeping or tax accounting consists usually of a monthly paid flat fee; yearly final accounts and declaration of taxes are charged separately. All other costs including expendable material (folders, chancery paper etc.), document copying, printing or messenger costs are not charged. Our fee for payroll administration is given by the number of employees that the wages are administrated for. We do not invoice before completion and delivery of the agreed work and as a rule, we do not charge advances.


Small business, not a VAT payer from 2.000,- CZK / month
Small business, VAT payer (less than 1 000 documents per year) 3 – 8.000,- CZK / month
Medium size business, VAT payer (1000 – 5000 documents per year) 8 – 15.000,- CZK / month
Larger business, VAT payer (more than 5000 documents per year) 15 – 25.000,- CZK / month
Large company, monthly closing of books, eventually reporting for the controlling company individual

The flat fee for a book-keeping involves also processing of the VAT return including records for the VAT purposes and relating reports (recapitulative statement, reverse charge scheme) and preparation, eventually participation on the tax duty audits carried out by financial authorities.

A part of the accounting services is also the road tax return, report for the Czech Statistical Office and filling of returns for credit departments of banks or leasing companies. Charge does not include only the price for yearly final accounts and income tax return, that are charged separately.

Tax accounting

Very low volume, not a VAT payer from 1.000,- CZK / month
Low volume, VAT payer (less than 200 documents per year) from 1.500,- CZK / month
Medium volume, VAT payer (200 – 1000 documents per year) 3 – 5.000,- CZK / month
Large volume, VAT payer (1000 – 2000 documents per year) 5 – 8.000,- CZK / month

Income-tax return for individuals

Income from business activity (a self-employed person) 4.000,- CZK
All other cases
(cooperation, income from dependent activity or lease, flat rate expenses etc.)
3.000,- CZK

The flat fee includes also elaboration of the review of incomes and spendings for the Czech Social Security Administration and health insurance companies. In case of declaration of taxes, we do not even charge to our long-standing customers the deadline prolongation to 30/06.

Corporate income tax return including yearly closing of books (final accounts)

The fee for the customers that we are running accounting for usually corresponds to average monthly charge for book-keeping, but at least 5.000,- CZK

Prolongation of the deadline of declaration of taxes till 30/06 is not charged separately to our long-standing customers; the fee also involves imposition of the final accounts into the document collection and preparation of the report on relationship between connected persons.

Corporate income tax return for external clients elaborated according to submitted accounting: 20 – 50.000,- CZK

The fee is set individually according to the extent of accounting, annual turnover, processing demands and rate of risk; our fee usually includes regular tax consulting and book-keeping verification to the extent of 20 hours per year.

Payroll accounting

You are charged a monthly processing fee per each employee (for clients with a small volume of employees) Payroll processing
per 1 employee:
250,- CZK / month
You are charged a monthly flat fee per payroll processed and a fee per person paid in that payroll (for clients with a large volume of employees) Flat fee
6.000,- CZK / month

and another  130,- CZK / month
for each employee

The fee includes monthly payroll processing, calculation of taxes due to authorities, completion and filing of period payroll reports required by tax, social and health insurance authorities, registering of each employee to the Czech Social Security Administration and the health insurance register. The fee also takes into account preparation of the data for a social or health insurance inspection together with a payroll tax inspection, including the participation of our employees on this audit. There is no special charge to onboard the new employee or to take the employee off payroll.

Year-end payroll services

Tax and financial counselling

Price for 1 hour of tax counselling 1.800,- CZK
Price for 1 hour of financial counselling 1.300,- CZK

Under tax and accounting counselling we understand the way of solving real „special“ situations. We charge only for real productive time; we do not charge for time needed for preparation or for travelling, secretaries, postal charge, telecommunication costs, document copying etc.