June 2024



Book keeping (formerly double entry accounting) according to valid law (law No. 563/1991 Collection of laws, regulation No. 500/2002 Collection of laws and Czech accounting standards), yearly closing of books, enumeration of the balance of asset accounts. Preparation of statutory statements of subsidiary companies according to IFRS/IAS for the foreign home company, their presentation to a fixed monthly or yearly date.

The service includes preparation of VAT return for VAT payers including all required registration and basic tax consulting and income-tax base optimization for all clients. After the end of fiscal period, each and every client receives following printed documents: general ledger, day-book of operations, stocktaking list of book inventory, list of outstandings and liabilities and yearly closing of books in a required number of copies; we elaborate even the statement about the relationship between connected persons according to § 66a s. 9 of the Commercial Code. In case of audited account entities, we prepare also all documents required by the auditor.

Tax accounting

Tax accounting serves to determine income-tax base according to § 7b law No. 586/1992 Collection of laws about income-taxes (formerly single entry accounting) including income-tax return for VAT payers and record obligations required by law.

We process the tax accounting to the same extent as it was formerly done for single entry accounting. After finishing the year, each and every client receives in printed form the cash book, categorized yearly overview of receipts and expenditures, list of outstandings and liabilities and final recapitulation of tax incomes and expenses. Basic tax consulting and tax base optimization is considered to be the standard.

Income-tax return

Processing of income-tax returns of natural and juridical persons including all required enclosures, prolongation of the deadline for declaration till 30/06 or till the end of 6th month after the end of business year.

Besides clients, that we process accounting during whole year for, we prepare income-tax returns of juridical persons also on grounds of accounts submitted by the client.

Income-tax return of natural persons includes also reporting to Czech Social Security Administration and to health insurance companies; we prepare it even by a single application at the end of the year for clients that do not have their tax accounting done by us.

Wages administration

Wages administration includes besides the wages calculation, administration of earnings records and personal files for annuity insurance and registration and deregistration of employees also payments prescription for Czech Social Security Administration and health insurance companies, calculation of advances for income-tax and printing of collective order for bank.

At the end of the year we prepare the statement of account for income-tax of natural persons and for taxes paid by deductions for financial authorities; for employees, we prepare yearly accounting of income-tax. Our wages accountants prepare also documents for frequent inspections of social and health insurance and of tax advancements and under the client’s name, they take part in those inspections.

Tax and accounting consulting

Solving of tax or accounting problems, tax optimization even for external clients - we prefer requests by e-mail with following written confirmation or tax consultations with personal meeting and elaboration of written statement.

Publication of final accounts

For all our clients, that have their accounting processed by our company, we take care of publication of the final accounts, as requested by the law.

Accounting entities, registered in the trade register, have the obligation to publish final accounts by submitting it to the Document collection of trade register, owned by the appropriate registration court. Breaching this rule may be under certain circumstances considered as a crime according to §125 2nd clause of the penal law and punished by imprisonment for 6 month - up to 3 years, banning of activity and/or fine.